Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Confirmed: Eagles bench top rookie pick Danny Watkins

Several Eagles players confirmed Wednesday that right guard Danny Watkins, the team's top rookie draft pick, has been benched in favor of newly acquired veteran Kyle DeVan.
"It's the best move for the team right now," veteran right offensive tackle Todd Herremans said. "I think it's just a little bit of everything. Sometimes you have to take a step back before you can take a step forward."
The latter quip basically is what head coach Andy Reid said earlier Wednesday.
Big Red painted himself into a corner in hedging on the starting status of Watkins, the former fireman, who had been the guy at right guard almost from the beginning.
Clearly the Eagles didn't like the idea of Watkins learning on the job next to rookie center Jason Kelce in the incredibly noisy Edward Jones Dome.
DeVan, on the other hand, has spent much of his career playing in domes for the Indianapolis Colts. 
"Kyle seems pretty confident about what he's doing with his assignments and his techniques," Herremans said. "Coach Reid always does everything with the best interest of the team. This is the right move for right now. I'm going to go out and practice today and Kyle is going to play right guard."
Watkins wouldn't comment on the loss of his starting job but conceded he was struggling to pick up the schemes.
"When I start understanding the schemes better I'll feel more confident and be able to play full speed," Watkins said. "I think I'm over-analyzing the plays and thinking. When you think, it slows you down."


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