Saturday, December 31, 2011

Eagles might need to extend Reid

Decision time after end of season nap.
The signs are pointing to And Reid being back next year as head coach of the Eagles.

If, that is, Big Red wants to come back. With a dearth of qualified head coaches in the NFL,  Reid is in a position to leverage the Eagles - possibly for more years on a contract that expires in 2013 or for more autonomy over personnel.

NFL sources say Reid would be hired almost immediately if he leaves the Eagles despite going 13 years without a Super Bowl title.

Reid now has final say over his coaching staff, including the fate of embattled defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.

Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan says he doesn't know what Reid will do. But knowing his counterpart, Shanahan offered insight into the hot-button issue around here.

"I don't know how Andy feels," Shanahan said. "Andy may say 'Hey, I think it's best for me to go. You guys can have this job. I'm going some place else.' Or maybe he would say 'Hey, let me finish my job.' You just don't know what goes on beyond closed doors with any head coach or any organization."

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