Monday, October 22, 2012

With Patterson back, who goes?

Ready to get after it.
Mike Patterson vowed to return to work after brain surgery.

The defensive tackle always figured it was a matter of when, not if.

When, if you will, came Monday.

The real question right now is who is on the way out. Ten defensive linemen was a crowd for the Eagles, who because of the numbers scratched rookie second-round pick Vinny Curry, the projected pass rusher, in every game.

Curry didn't report any change in his practice status Monday. He says it's clear watching film that the opposition is getting the ball off faster against the Eagles than other teams.  Didn't mention the fix, of  course.

Patterson is a pure tackle. Cullen Jenkins is a tackle the Eagles also play at end to set the edge against the run.

If the Eagles keep five tackles, with Jenkins the swing guy, they would likely be looking at subtracting Phillip Hunt or Brandon Graham, the latter a former first-round pick. Curry would have an easier time getting on the field.

If the Eagles keep four tackles Cedric Thornton, Derek Landri or possibly Jenkins could be out.

The Eagles don't have to decide today as they have three weeks to activate Patterson or put him on injured reserve for the rest of the season.

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