Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 1 of Michael Vick watch

Watch is on.
The Michael Vick Watch has begun.

Eagles head coach Andy Reid got everyone's attention when he fired one of his best friends, defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, and then used the same verbiage to affirm that "Second Chance" Vick, one of his favorite players, was the starting quarterback.

"As I sit here now," is the way Reid, who was standing, phrased it.

As Dennis Deitch sits here now, it's laughable to think the Eagles would start rookie Nick Foles over Vick. Especially with what now is an excuse for an offensive  line.

This piece by Dan Levy of Bleacher Report gives you an idea of what Vick has to do to keep himself employed here.

The truly amazing aspect of the Vick Experience this year is that he's still healthy after six games. That is nothing short of stunning. 

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