Thursday, November 15, 2012

'Cowardly' doesn't play in Eagles locker room

"Cowardly? That's hilarious."
Bad as this season is for the Eagles, who have lost five straight games, it could be worse.

They could be the Jets.

Jets players are so uncomfortable in their 3-6 skin they lamented just the idea of changing quarterbacks from the underachieving Mark Sanchez to Tim Tebow to get out of the slump. The New York Daily News cited an anonymous player calling Tebow "a terrible quarterback." Must have been Sanchez.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan, whose demeanor would play well in Philly, was outraged.

"If you're not going to put your name to it," Ryan said, "I think that's about as cowardly of a thing as there is."

Eagles defensive end Trent Cole shook his head.

"Cowards? He keeps it good. Rex keeps it good," Cole said. "But I mean that's a bad situation to be in when you know your own teammates aren't behind you."

The Eagles have managed to avoid weighing in on their quarterbacks, although they're entering a strange new chapter with rookie Nick Foles replacing the concussed Michael Vick. 

Rough is going to get rougher. With potentially wholesale changes on the horizon, players cannot afford to come from a cowardly culture, if you will.

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