Sunday, November 11, 2012

Reid to Chargers rumors heating up again

There's a little cafe ... down San Diego way ...
If Andy Reid is in his last days as head coach of the Eagles his next destination could be the San Diego Chargers.

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Reid was rumored to be a strong candidate to replace Norv Turner after the 2011 season.

Turner and general manager A.J. Smith supposedly had one foot out the door when a snag developed. That snag, although not confirmed, could have been Reid's tenuous status with the Eagles. A source said Reid was working on an exit strategy in case he was axed by the Eagles.

Turner and Smith mysteriously returned for this season but are in danger of being let go.

Reid has a home in Southern California near San Diego. A change of scenery could serve him well especially after the death of his oldest son due to a drug overdose.

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