Thursday, November 15, 2012

Winston Justice: 'Always drama with Philly'

Memorial service for the late Garrett Reid.
Indianapolis Colts offensive tackle Winston Justice  got some stuff off his chest during an appearance on

Justice was unwanted by the Eagles despite being one of just two right offensive tackles to start for playoff teams in the Andy Reid era.

A second round pick of the Eagles, Justice spoke about the never-ending drama surrounding the team as well as the aftereffects of head coach Andy Reid losing his oldest son to a drug overdose during training camp.

Justice: “I’m not really watching the games that much but you can’t help but hear them going through stuff and I mean every year there is always some type of drama with Philly. Something was going to happen. Reid went through a very hard time losing his son. I bet that has a lot to play in the whole performance of the team. Hope they can pull it together.”
Obviously Justice, who starts for the Colts (6-3), could help the Eagles and their injury depleted O-line.

The whole interview is here.

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