Saturday, July 27, 2013

Maclin well-wishers weigh in

The Twittersphere lit up in a show of sympathy for Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin, who tore an ACL Saturday.

Michael Vick, Wes Welker and Braylon Edwards, among other NFL players, told him to hang in there, if you will, in Tweets.

@MikeVick We doing this for you @jmac_18 all prayers going out to you. We know your coming back even stronger in 2014. Luv you bro!!

Thanks bro...appreciate it! RT @WesWelker: @jmac_18 keep your head up. It's a long year, but you will be back good as new!

Appreciate it broRT @OfficialBraylon: @jmac_18 prayers up for you bro. Never want to see a fallen soldier. Keep your head up, you'll be back

Maclin also thanked fans and Twitter followers for their well wishes, Tweeting:

Appreciate all the love and support twitter fam....sad day but I have setbacks my entire life. Minor setback ...

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