Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why Reynolds could help the Giants

Decimated by injuries to their offensive line, the Giants signed Dallas Reynolds, who started 13 games for the Eagles at center last season.

They got Reynolds? Seriously?
Reynolds was a late training camp cut of the Eagles, which is to say he has a pretty grasp of the Chip Kelly offense and how it wants to attack the opposition.

Reynolds even was around for a little game-planning for the Giants. And he knows a little bit about the defense, too.

"I think some people read too much into it like, hey they want to get this guy because they want information," head coach Chip Kelly said. "But we're also aware when we put together everything, guys that were here with us in camp could end up on other teams. So we have systems in place. We're not doing everything the same way we did it from a communications standpoint that we did when they were here in the preseason." 

Dallas Reynolds could be an issue this weekend when the Eagles oppose the Giants.

"That’s something I’m not thinking about," Eagles veteran linebacker Connor Barwin said. "We have enough, I wouldn’t say security things, but different ways of calling things and signals. All that Dallas would tell them they could see on tape. It still comes down to stopping it."

Right. Tune in Sunday.

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