Thursday, August 7, 2014

McCoy says 'yes' to 2,000 rushing yards

They said it couldn't be done.

But after O.J. Simpson broke the 2,000-yard rushing barrier in barely 14 games in 1973, seven others have done it, most recently Adrian Peterson in 2012.
Eagles running back LeSean McCoy clearly wants to be No. 8 judging by the tweet he sent on his certified Twitter account.

@CutonDime25: This is THE YEAR!!!! My potential is #2000yards. Will Will it? Stepping up my training and signs point to yes.

Eagles teammate Darren Sproles has McCoy's back. He says McCoy has the strength and the elusive running style to meet the challenge.

Here's the NFL's 2,000 rushing yard club:

1973 O.J. Simpson (Bills) 2,003
1984 Eric Dickerson (LA Rams) 2,105
1997 Barry Sanders (Lions) 2,053
1998 Terrell Davis (Broncos) 2,008
2003 Jamal Lewis (Ravens) 2,066
2009 Chris Johnson (Titans) 2,006
2012 Adrian Peterson (Vikings) 2,097
2014 LeSean McCoy (Eagles) 2,???

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