Saturday, October 24, 2009

Curtis wanted surgery a month ago

Eagles veteran wide receiver Kevin Curtis underwent a surgical procedure on his ailing left knee Saturday - more than one month after he suspected it would need repairs.
At the Eagles' urging the 31-year-old Curtis tried to practice through the pain and swelling that surfaced the work week after the regular season opener.
After Curtis (pictured) finally got the Eagles to sign off on a second opinion, voila - surgery. He hasn't played since the second game.
Andy Reid blamed the delay for the surgical option on inconclusive MRI's. Reid still is hopeful Curtis - the team's only reliable route runner with game-breaking speed - can return this season.
"I think time will tell here but I think so,” Reid said.
The Eagles also reported that middle linebacker Omar Gaither had surgery Saturday for a Lisfranc sprain of the left foot.
The good news is Gaither had just one pin, not two inserted to correct the gap in the bones of his foot.
Gaither, however, still is likely to go on Injured Reserve, meaning his season would be over.


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