Saturday, October 17, 2009

Abiamiri, Gaither and Samuel will appeal fines

All of the Eagles billed by the NFL for excessively rough play plan to appeal. Not that anything good is going to come of it, as one player said.

If you look at the hits that got the players fined it's like going back in history. For one afternoon the Eagles played like those warriors archived on NFL Films.

Those were the days tacklers got away with putting their man on the ground long after he'd gone out of bounds or the whistle had blown.

The days when the facemask was part of the player. And the face of a quarterback was fair game just as it is with the other players.

Doink! Here's the latest dose of financial reality for these very aggressive and extremely picked on Eagles:

Victor Abiamiri: $5,000 for roughing the passer (struck opposing quarterback in head area).

Omar Gaither: $5,000 for unnecessary roughness (unnecessarily struck opponent late and out of bounds).

Asante Samuel: $5,000 for unnecessary roughness (grabbed opponent by facemask in attempt to tackle him).


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