Friday, November 6, 2009

yo, Dribbons, Mustafa ... Stewart will make Cowboys pay

The Cowboys got rid of defensive coordinator Brian Stewart after their colossal collapse last year.
They took away his office, his computer password and his lunchroom priveleges.

But they couldn't erase his memory.
And I have a feeling they will pay for the unceremonious dismissal when they take on the Eagles Sunday night.
Stewart (pictured) knows the Cowboys inside-out. Can you se4e where this is going?
Around the second or third play quarterback Tony Romo is going to think the Eagles know his plays. Then again, I can tell you where Romo is going with the ball until he escapes the pocket.
Defensively it could be worse  because the Cowboys really aren't that good on the side of the ball. That's why they got walloped, 44-6, in what became their season-ender last year in South Philly. It wasn't the coordinator.
If I'm wrong about this, I want to hear about it. Starting with Mustafa S. and Dribbons.
Have a great weekend, guys.


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