Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eagles intoxicated by guys like Tannehill

Why would the Eagles want him over Mike Vick?
ESPN's Jon Gruden is better coaching quarterbacks than choosing them.

In his last NFL job directing the Bucs, the constant turnover at  the position reflected the impulsiveness. Rarely was there a passer Gruden wouldn't tryout.

That makes Gruden's buyer beware comments Wednesday about Ryan Tannehill much more interesting. The quarterback prospect is squarely on the Eagles' radar. 

Tannehill (6-4, 221) is a Joe Flacco-type passer who led Texas A & M to seven wins last year throwing 15 interceptions. The converted wide receiver is 12-7.

There's talk of Tannehill being drafted No. 4, by the Browns. And 8th, by the Dolphins, where his college coach now is the offensive coordinator.

The Eagles' recent private workout of Tannehill by coaches and scouts suggests they're in it for more than the all-expenses paid getaway vacation to Texas. Should they be?

Without blaming Tannehill, Gruden wondered aloud on an ESPN conference call how much those leads the Aggies blew last season reflected the inexperience at quarterback.

"You'd like to see Tannehill in this A & M offense finish games in the second half when they have a lead," Gruden said. "Some of the losses they had, I’m not blaming Tannehill, I’m not blaming anybody. But they lost the lead a lot this year in games and it cost them because I thought Texas A & M was going to be a top 10 team this year."

Mike Sherman coached Tannehill at A & M. Sherman is a buddy of Gruden and Eagles head coach Andy Reid dating to their days as assistants with the Packers. Sherman left as head coach at A & M to become offensive coordinator of the Dolphins. Is Reid going to battle Sherman for Tannehill? The Eagles have the ammunition to move up in the draft.

"What’s not a concern is the kind of athlete he is," Gruden said of Tannehill. "Let’s not forget he didn’t just play wide receiver at A & M. He started at wide receiver. He had over 200 yards receiving in one game against Kansas State. He’s an outstanding athlete. He’s also been tutored by an NFL coach in Mike Sherman.

"So when you do watch Tannehill you’re seeing an outstanding player who’s been tutored by an excellent offensive coach in an outstanding system. That I like. So the arrow is going up on Tannehill."


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