Friday, April 20, 2012

Kiper: Tannehill a 'luxury pick' for Eagles

Compare Tannehill's release point ...
ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper thinks it would be a big mistake for the Eagles to trade from the 15th overall pick into the top 10 of the NFL draft to secure quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Converted wide receiver Tannehill has less than two seasons starting at quarterback at Texas A & M. He's the anti-Matt Jones, the Lone Star state college quarterback who switched to wide receiver in the NFL.

"As far as Tannehill, I can’t see that," Kiper said on a conference call. "I think quarterback, maybe in the second round. You have two second round picks. If you like Kirk Cousins - and there’s a lot of talk they like Kirk Cousins from Michigan State - then you get him there. But I wouldn’t (move up) for Ryan Tannehill. That’s a luxury pick there. At that particular point to move up to get him you’ve got to give up something as well."
... To Vick's release point.

Kiper thinks the Eagles could vault back into playoff contention with a good draft providing they fill holes at safety, where he thinks they should consider Mark Barron (Alabama) and defensive tackle - either Dontari Poe (Memphis) or Fletcher Cox (Mississippi State).

Tannehill won't go any further than eighth, where the Dolphins will take him off the board.

The Eagles have two early second-round picks, one of which they could use on Cousins or quarterback Brandon Weeden (Oklahoma State).


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