Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Parkey relives FG return, upset of 'Bama

Eagles rookie kicker Cody Parkey was an extra in a historic game last year.

It was Auburn, ranked No. 4, hosting top-ranked Alabama. The game was tied with 1 second left when 'Bama's Adam Griffith lined up a 57-yard field goal attempt that would have defeated the Tigers and Parkey.

"I was warming up and getting ready to go to overtime," Parkey said. "Their kicker had missed three or four (field goal attempts) and I was like, 'he might miss again and in overtime I’m going to have to hit a game-winner.' As an Auburn kicker that’s the biggest compliment you can get is hitting a game-winner against Alabama."

Parkey barely had taken a couple of cuts when teammate Chris Davis came barreling up the Auburn sideline.
The attempt fell a yard short and into the hands of Davis, who galloped 109 yards for a score against the field goal protection team of the Crimson Tide.

"I saw him miss it and I was like, '(Davis is) going to get tackled,'" Parkey said. "And he just runs right past me. Everybody asks, how was that game? It was crazy. It was nuts."

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