Monday, November 17, 2008

McNabb's national gaffe

This mistake will haunt Donovan McNabb just as the conflict with Terrell Owens has.

This gaffe is another indication - as is the apparent unwillingness of the Eagles to restructure his contract - he has one foot out the door.

One of the Eagles' veterans, Sheldon Brown, was surprised after the 13-13 tie with the Bengals Sunday that so many teammates didn't know the regular season overtime rule; i.e. sudden death for 15 minutes, with no scoring producing a tie.

Brown cut them a break, though, explaining a lot of them weren't in the league seven years as he was.

Then there was the clip of McNabb, the 10-year veteran, on almost every newscast saying he was unaware of the rule and that he thought teams played until a winner was decided as in the playoffs.

It's more mind-boggling today than it was when it happened and it's a reflection of his inattention to detail as well as the inattention of the coaching staff.


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