Monday, January 12, 2009

A first time for everything ...

It looks a lot like the Eagles' 23-11 divisional playoff victory over the former Super Bowl champion Giants was a first.

No other NFL game has ended in that score.

And that basically is the story of the Eagles' season.

With everything collapsing around them, from the Buccaneers to the Bears, to the Panthers and the Giants, the Eagles still are standing.

Believe quarterback Donovan McNabb when he says it's a storybook plot. You cannot script this.

Now, about those Cardinals and the NFC title game.

They can throw but don't have enough of a running game to minimize the pass rush that antique quarterback Kurt Warner will receive from the Eagles.

The Eagles might be able to leave the offense home and still clear the last hurdle to their first Super Bowl appearance since you-know-whose initials were here.


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