Thursday, December 18, 2008

How the tie helps

Should the Eagles (8-5-1) wind up tied in victories with the Bears (8-6), and both teams are in the running for a playoff berth

(USA Olympics star Nastia Liukin, left, was victimized by a tie)

- and the stock market skyrockets 2000 points, the governor of Illinois pleads guilty to trying to sell a senate seat and you hit the Powerball - the Birds would have the tiebreaker edge despite being beaten by the Bears this season because of their 13-13 draw with the Bengals.

That's a relief, eh?

That's as good as the tie gets, though.

Moreover, if the Eagles and Bears are tied in victories the Bears get the choicer pick in the upcoming draft - for now, at least one spot better.

The next time Andy Reid has a fourth-and-two in overtime he can rewind to Cincinnati and his decision to punt.


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