Monday, November 24, 2008

Give me a D, an O, an N ...and

Andy Reid didn't answer the most elementary question after announcing his decision to start Donovan McNabb on Thanksgiving against the Arizona Cardinals.

What makes you think the turnover machine still can do the job?

"I've been around Donovan a long time," Reid said. "So I trust he'll get his part right and guys around him will."

Well, why didn't you say so Sunday night? I mean, that clears up everything.

Seriously now, how could he even think he could bring that to a news conference?

From what I've heard, the decision to go back to McNabb may not have been all Andy's. But I'm still working on that.

Let me say this: there's definitely something going on in that front office. I'd be surprised if more titles didn't change after the season.

In the how could they do it department, on is a conspiracy theory rumor; LB Omar Gaither and TE L.J. Smith lost their starting jobs because they didn't take contract extensions offered by the Eagles. What the author should have pointed out is why in the world would the Eagles want to sign those guys to contract extensions? Both are good quotes but it's not like they've won games.


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