Tuesday, January 20, 2009

O'Bama's big day is a release for McNabb ...

Donovan McNabb can find solace today in the formal inauguration of President Barack O'Bama, who, like the Eagles' quarterback, hails from the great state of Illinois.

O'Bama is the first African-American President, and that means a lot to McNabb, who hoped to become the second African-American quarterback to win the Super Bowl.

The Eagles' quest fell short Sunday in a season-ending loss to the Cardinals in the NFC title game at University of Phoenix Stadium.

To add vandalism to the misery, it appears overzealous fans burned "Go Cards" on the front lawn of McNabb's home in Chandler, Ariz. last week, according to reports.

Obviously that's frightening, not at all normal, and really stepping over the line.


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