Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is Iggls 'poll' scientific?

The Eagles put a poll in front of a Philadelphia Daily News reporter stating that 83 percent of season ticketholders this past season and 86 percent of avid fans (a season ticket holder might not be an avid fan?) think positively of Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb.

And 74 percent of season ticket holders and 91 percent of avid fans think positively of head coach Andy Reid.

Hard to believe but just 66 percent of season ticket holders think positively of Jeffrey Lurie, although 84 percent of avid fans feel good about him.

Even harder to believe is that team president Joe Banner wasn't part of the poll (Brian Westbrook was and he was off the charts). If Jeff got 84 percent positive from avid fans Joe should be at least 81 percent, right?


Now, the Daily News didn't explain anything about the information strategically thrown into their laps. Reading the piece, you don't know the difference between an avid fan and a regular fan, the definition of positive versus negative and so on.

I've asked for an explanation from Pamela Crowley, of the Eagles, as she's the one the Daily News said presented them the 'media packet.' Off the top of her head, she doesn't have the info so I'll try again Friday.

A simple explanation would really quell some of the uncertainty surrounding the credibility of this poll.
Hopefully it's a little less complicated than rocket science. Or even the late Albert Einstein's theory of relativity/


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