Monday, August 17, 2009

Did McNabb ask for Plax, too?

Long after Donovan McNabb said Monday he told Andy Reid in July it would be a good idea to go after Mike Vick, he was asked if he considered asking the coach to bring in Plaxico Burress.

The 6-5 wide receiver and Eagles nemesis is facing weapons charges.

"I did," McNabb said. "I brought T.O. in."

Later McNabb denied through a club spokesman he specifically asked Big Red about Burress (pictured) just to clear up whatever confusion there was from his news conference.

That said McNabb explained he has a relationship with Buress, "and you want to see guys get an opportunity to continue on.

"I'm sure Plaxico hopefully will get an opportunity to do it as well," McNabb said.

Would a guy like Burress help the Birds?

"I don't think he would hurt but we have some great guys here at our receiving position," McNabb said. "But whatever you can do to enhance the team you would look into."


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