Thursday, August 27, 2009

MIKE VICK UPDATE ... 6:50 p.m.

The Jaguars are on the field.

Any second now Vick is coming out of the tunnel for the game. While it was only a simple jog on to the field for the pre-game warmup, Vick looked like the old Vick (I was there the last time he hit an NFL field, New Year's eve of 2006).

Seriously now those Vick jerseys Dick's decided against stocking are out in full force.

Wait a second, there he is. That's him, Mike Vick, jogging out with the rest of the team. He's in the middle of the procession. What's that, he's veered off. He's veered off before the end of the double-line of cheerleaders. Probably wanted to avoid the rest of the cameras.

By the way, running back Brian Westbrook was a healthy - and a very smart - scratch. Would you risk him behind that offensive line? Thank you.

More in a few minutes.


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