Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Updated: Rodgers could miss 3 weeks

The Packers opened as 10 1/2 point favorites over the Eagles this weekend at Lambeau Field.

But that almost certainly will change once the damage to quarterback Aaron Rodgers' left shoulder is known.
Victim of timing, hamstring issues.

Rodgers had X-rays immediately after being sacked on the shoulder early in the Monday night loss to the Bears, also at Lambeau. Unless we totally missed it, there was no announcement the pictures were negative, if you will.

The latest report specifies that Rodgers could miss about three weeks with the injury, pending the results of further testing.

With Rodgers in the mode of needing further tests, you practically can rule him out of the Eagles-Packers game.

Check out the Packers depth chart here. The only help behind 33-year-old journeyman backup Seneca Wallace is on the practice squad.

The irony is if Rodgers had been hurt a week ago the Packers might have been able to get some help from the Eagles right at the NFL trade deadline.

If not Mike Vick, who has experience in the West Coast offense, the Packers might have been willing to pony up a draft pick for rookie Matt Barkley. Then again, Vick's hamstring diminishes what value he has left.

Which leaves the Packers and their playoff hopes riding on ... Scott Tolzien. The 2011 product of the University of Wisconsin is a project at best. The last time he was in charge of the offense he threw for 16 touchdowns and three interceptions in 2011 with the Badgers.

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