Thursday, June 11, 2009

McNabb: Deal wil be taken care of 'sooner or later'

Donovan McNabb was named Father of the Year Thursday by the American Diabetes Association.

That's great - at least I think it is. Brian Dawkins was the ADA's Father of the Year last year. You don't think ...

Aww, come on. McNabb, after thanking the ADA for the honor, fielded questions about his rumored contract talks with the Eagles.

Asked if a deal could be struck, McNabb said "It will be taken care of sooner or later."

Asked if a deal would be done beofre training camp he responded, "Thats something that we have to see. We'll go from there."

Finally, asked if he was satisfied with the weapons he's practiced with during the offseason camps, McNabb replied, "I don't know. We'll go a little further than that later on."


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