Monday, December 10, 2012

'Foles productive with what Eagles are doing'

The Eagles  are 3-point underdogs against the Bengals Thursday night at Lincoln Financial Field.

The Eagles (4-9) are coming off a 23-21 win at Tampa Bay (6-7).

The Bengals (7-6) lost, 20-19, at home to the Cowboys (7-6).

The Bengals furnished quotes from head coach Marvin Lewis' news conference Monday.

Lewis pretty much gave a breakdown of the Eagles.

To wit:

"Nick Foles has come in and been productive with what they’re doing," Lewis said. "He has four touchdown passes, three interceptions and is completing about 60 percent of his passes. But the thing that he’s doing is giving them the opportunity to move the ball consistently. They’ve gotten great play from the rookie running back (Bryce Brown). He has fumbled the ball a few times. He didn’t have as much yardage last week against Tampa, but his first couple outings, boy, he was going great guns. He’s very quick to the hole, very fast when he got to the perimeter. He’s made some strong, make-people-miss, inside-the-hole runs.

"Their receivers, with DeSean (Jackson) being out for the year, (Jeremy) Maclin and (Jason) Avant are the two starters with Riley Cooper coming in. We don’t know what it will be at tight end, with (Brent) Celek getting a concussion yesterday early in the game. It’s a physical group of receivers – bigger-stature guys. You’ve got to really play in the proper leverage. They’ll fight you for the football. Their guys are aggressive to the ball at the catch.
“Defensively, I think Trent Cole is one of the better defensive ends in the NFL. He comes to play every week, plays extremely hard, and you have to always be conscious and always be accountable for him. They’re explosive up-front in their D-line. Much has been made about all change they have done, but I thought they played really good football yesterday against Tampa. Their linebackers are athletic, they flow to the ball well, they’re good players, they can shed. They have two good corners on the outside and a young, good safety inside. It’s a well-put-together football team that obviously is not happy with where they are in their season. They kind of righted the ship a bit yesterday. We have to go play error-free football to win over in Philly on Thursday night.”

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