Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kelly better be sure he wants to coach Eagles

It sure looks like Oregon's Chip Kelly is on the Eagles' short list of head coaching candidates, should, of course, they decide to go in another direction from Andy Reid at the end of the season.

Whether you want to call it a scouting or a reconnaissance mission, Eagles G.M. Howie Roseman, according to reports, almost certainly brought up Kelly's future late last month.

For now let's just assume Kelly's up-tempo style of offense works in the NFL. The feeling here is it not only will but in some form ultimately is copied.

The biggest issue is how committed Kelly would be if, say the Eagles made him an offer. Kelly accepted and then backed out of the Buccaneers job last year. The last thing Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie needs is a Bobby Petrino situation. Petrino quit on the Falcons during his first season.

Committing to Kelly would be a major shift not only in offensive philosophy but in dollars. Kelly has a $3.5 million salary and a $3.5 million buyout clause if he goes to the NFL.

The Eagles already would be on the hook for $7 million, the last year of Reid's contract, unless they negotiated a settlement there.

Another issue is Kelly's public demeanor. Watching some of the videos, Reid is articulate compared to Kelly. Check this one out:

There's an interesting story about what's going on with Kelly and the Ducks' program. Check out this piece.

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